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College Summer Program

The College Program is entering it’s 4th year in 2024. This is a 9 weeklong program – longer than any summer league or other summer training program. We work closely with college coaches on fitness requirements and needs for their players who attend.

At DFA we staff the following to develop the ENTIRE player:

  • Professional Soccer Trainers (Field & GK)

  • Personal Trainers

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Nutritionists

Training Includes:

Soccer Training: speed-of-play, position specific training, reaction training, small sided tactical game play, and technical work.

Fitness Training: speed & agility training, HIIT workouts, sand training, soccer specific sprint workouts, and injury prevention. Fitness test will be conducting periodically to gauge the progress over the program. 

Games: we work with local semi-pro teams as well as teams from other cities to get 11v11 games to play throughout the summer. 

We are VERY good at finding your limit and pushing you beyond. 

We train to prepare you for the FALL SEASON and we are not focused on the weekly game. 

Conferences Represented


BIG12, Big East

Horizon, MAC



Heartland, OAC

There are a lot of imitators out there, but only one DFA! Experience why college coaches recommend us above others.

What College Players Say:

"I love the intensity. It prepares me extremely well for the fall season tactically and physically. I love how we're pushed by the trainers and how each player is held accountable." Kaya V. - D1 Player

"I drive in from out of state every day for this program. I'm ready and prepared for the fall preseason and feel completely prepared once I arrive on campus." Rachel H. - D3 Player

"The training is great. I look forward to the days we train as a group. Not only do the trainers push us but we (the players) push each other as well. It's a great environment to be in all summer long. I don't think I could get this anywhere else during the summer." Maria B. - D1 Player

"There is nothing else like this in the area. The intensity, the competition, the environment is amazing. This is what I've come to know from DFA over the years and it's exactly what I would expect it to me. I hate it and love it at the same time!" Caleb K. - D3 Player

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