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Elite High School Program

The Elite High School Program is for players looking to better their all around play and those looking to play college after high school. This camp is the ONLY one of it's kind in the mid-west. There are many imitators who try, but only one DFA! 

This is a 8 week camp, with a college ID element, designed to help players get to their next level of play; physically, technically, and mentally. 

Because of the reputation of DFA and the Elite ID Camp, in the past four years over 100 colleges (NCAA D1 - NAIA) have come to scout players. 

2023 Stats:

83% of the 2024's were committed by end of summer

96% of the 2024's are now committed before January 24' 

19% of the 2025's were committed by Junior year

36% of the 2025's are now committed before December 22'

62% of the 2025's are currently in talks with schools

The camp is three days a week, 2 hours each day, for 8 weeks. 

Ages: incoming High School Freshman - Senior


*8th grade exceptions can be made but should consider the Mini-Elite Camp for middle schoolers*

What Parents are saying:

"I think it’s one of the best camps my daughter has attended. It truly challenged her skills and abilities. The physical/technical training will definitely help her in soccer but the mental toughness that someone learns from this training is useful in more ways than soccer. I know this because I’ve witnessed my daughter come home sore from head to toe yet still continue to push herself every day." Carmina M.

"I wanted to say that Ashlyn really enjoyed the camp.  This camp was a great investment overall.  This did so much for her technical play, fitness level, and overall self awareness of what type of player she can be and is currently.  Since this camp she has dominated her ID camps and team training. She has gone to 2 ID camps, and both have come away with invites for her to be back on campus in the fall for official visits." Jeremy S.

What College Coaches are saying:

"It really was a great set up and a valuable opportunity for us for sure.  The level of play was very good and the kids were all competing even harder than we sometimes see in their actual team environments.  So a credit to you guys for creating that standard and to them for actually executing to it." Dallas B. - Cleveland State

"Thanks so much for letting me come down to training! I only came on Friday so it was game play, and that is exactly what I wanted to watch. Watching that day, it looks like you have a good mix of players and are providing a good level for players to continue to work over the summer. I also appreciated the info sheet. My feedback is only positive." Kim M. - Miami University

"In all honesty, I thought the environment was exceptionally well run. The ability to mix current college and male players in with prospects was very helpful. Very helpful for recruiting and looking forward to future years." Matt C. - Eastern Kentucky

2024 Committed Schools TBD