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2021 is Full

Goalie / Striker Camp

The GK and Striker camp is exactly as it states. Our GK Trainer who has years of experience coaching and training will take the goalies through a training session that leads up to an active play session. Our GK trainer played Division 1 soccer, has professional playing experience, and was on the coaching squad for the Puerto Rican Woman's National Team. 

Our striker trainer has college playing experience, professional experience, and international playing experience. 

The camp is designed to allow Strikers and Goalies the opportunity to learn from top trainers in the area helping to develop technical skills, refine mechanics, take proper direction, and apply what they've learning into a practical training environment. 

The camps will be separated by age to ensure safety and wellbeing, but also to ensure that players are getting the appropriate training based on developmental age and understanding. 

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