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"You and your opponent want the same thing. The only thing that matters is who works the hardest for it."- Unknown

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Why DFA?

"Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is."
- Vince Lombardi

Any person with patience can teach a player how to dribble and pass. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. But that’s where the similarities end when it comes to DFA. I’ve dedicated my passion to teaching players how to become a better athlete and person. What I do well is pull the inner champion out and show them what can be. I push players to their perceived limit and then push them past it.

The sessions are intense, fast paced, demanding, and challenging. For the sole purpose of showing players what they are capable of achieving.

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Who is DFA

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BJ Durel - Owner / Head Trainer

BJ began training players in 2008 and created DFA in 2009.  

Playing Experience: Club, College, Overseas, FC Dayton (semi-pro)

Coaching experience: Club - National Premier League

License: National D Coaching License

Years Training: 15

Training Style: Demanding, Dynamic, Fun, Intense, Technical

I really enjoy creating training sessions that challenge the player beyond the typical mechanical learning style. My sessions are dynamic and require players to be focused not only on the physical nature of the game but also the mental nature. I have high expectations for players and I accept no less than 100% of effort.

DFA Services

"You earn trophies at practice. You just pick them up at competitions." - Unknown

DFA provides top of the line training for players looking to take their game to the next level. DFA provides individual, small group, and team-based training to suit all development needs and goals.

DFA Online Fitness Plans

DFA Fitness is designed for the soccer player! We have lifting plans, speed & agility, running plans, and overall fitness. Some plans even provide access to a licensed nutritionist. & professional trainer. 


DFA is know for its camp the Elite ID Camp. This camp is the reason Nike reached out to be a sponsor of DFA. We also have college camps and  position specific camps for all ages. 

Small Group Training

We are firm believers that competition breeds greatness. General sessions are designed to help improve first touch, technical ability, game mentality, and game fitness.  Small groups can also be specific to a particular area of play (attacking, defending, fitness, etc.).

1-on-1 Training

When working with players 1:1 DFA really focuses on the players needs by talking with the player, the parents, and coaches when necessary.

Sessions can include technical training, finishing, defensive tactics, attacking movements, GK training, etc. 

Team Training

Being non-club affiliated allows DFA to work with all organizations in the Cincinnati Tri-State area. DFA works with clubs and coaches to create training sessions to emphasize certain aspects of play.

Film / Game / Highlight Review

One of the best and most underused platforms to help players is film. As players and coaches we understand the importance of seeing for yourself. We work with teams/coaches/players to review game film and provide honest feedback and analysis of the individual and team.

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